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Selected Works

School of Fish

"School of Fish" - $695.00

Large Flower

"Large Flower" - $345.00

Message Bird

"Message Bird" - $65.00

The Open Heart

"The Open Heart" - $95.00

Margrette Angel of Reclaimed Objects

"Margrette Angel of Reclaimed Objects" - $1200.00

Southern Living Article

Great News!

Our bottle trees are featured in the August 2007 Southern Living Magazine and the Energy Coop Magazine!

Bottle Trees

Bottle Trees

We offer three varieties of bottle trees for your viewing pleasure. Bottle trees are a southern tradition. See more about the history of the bottle tree and our full line of bottle trees. See our Full Line.

Large Bottle Tree - $575.00

Medium Bottle Tree - $295.00

Small Bottle Tree - $165.00

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