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Occasionally we get some great news that we'd like to share with people. Check back often to see what's happening in our neck of the woods.

May 1, 2009   Heart of Texas Electric Co-op Magazine May 2009 Article

'Thomas Edison once said, "to invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Donald and Peggy Pimpler may not be what Mr. Edison had in mind, but they definitely articulate what he was trying to say.' - Heart of Texas Cooperative Magazine May 2009.

Endangered Species Art and the SoBA Gallery got a writeup in the May 2009 Heart of Texas Cooperative Magazine.

Aug 1, 2007   Our Bottle Trees featured in Southern Living

We were very pleased to find out that our Bottle Trees are featured prominently in the August 2007 Southern Living Magazine. It was such an honor to see our work shown in such a prominent magazine. Check it out if you get a chance.

Feb 3, 2012   We are reworking our little gallery here and adding some new, fun stuff you'll really want to see. We will reopen soon and will update with more details soon.

Feb 3, 2012   NEW EMAIL ADDRESS- Our new address is --

Oct 6, 2011   We're on Facebook!

Please follow us for more exciting news. Feel free to 'Like' our page and spread the word about Endangered Species Art. Check us out.

Nov 15, 2012   Endangered Species Studio's "ANTHOLOGIES" is a Collection of The Old, The New and The Uncommon. Art and art supplies, Antiques, Gifts, Handcrafted, Re-Creations, Vintage and a continuous Evolution

Sep 9, 2013   OPEN

Our shop/gallery is open each weekend Fri & Sat 10 am - 6 pm. Sun. 12- 4pm. We may be closed when we have a show or some other special occasion- so please call or email ahead to be sure we will be here

Oct 21, 2017   Gallery now closed

Our gallery is no longer open

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Southern Living Article

Great News!

Our bottle trees are featured in the August 2007 Southern Living Magazine and the Energy Coop Magazine!



Our whirlygig has 6 shafts with stars, planets, and crescent moons spinning in opposite directions of its neighbors. You can mount it at any height.

Check out our whirligigs on YouTube!
Purchase our whirligigs on Etsy.